Over the years, gaming has become a part of our lives, especially younger people who these days like to spend most of their free time playing their favorite video games and spending hours and hours just trying to get the better results. As the gaming industry advanced so did it technological impact which led to the introduction of online gaming. The concept of just sitting at home, playing your favorite game and on top of that being able to compete with other fellow gamer who can be anywhere around the world has been a wondrous revelation.

Online gaming has provided the people with the chance to compete with each other in form of their favorite characters has made it so interesting that people are now spending more and more time playing these games. It has become an absolute necessity to provide an online gaming feature; otherwise, the game’s survival in the current industry is going to be very hard.

The rise of online gaming has been so ample that every year it generates multimillion-dollar revenue and that is the truth about it. Many game-developing companies have used online gaming as a feature to earn money and to be honest; the amount of incoming traffic has only increased over the years despite the hefty sum people have to pay to enjoy the full potential of playing with their friends online.

Providing the users with means to socialize and engage themselves in a competition among themselves has been such an involving concept that people are willing to spend as much as required to enjoy themselves.

Apart from the social point of view, there are varieties of tournaments that are hosted every year and these tournaments have served as a means generating revenue and we start getting into the details of it, we would all be left astounded. And the tougher the competition is, the tougher the players have become.

From being a feature used to serve for entertainment purpose, online gaming has gone to become a serious event with players spending hours practicing their craft and getting ready for tournaments, they want to target. In addition, the more serious the competition is, the higher is the amount of incoming and outgoing revenue. These tournaments have a very high prize pool, which draws in gamers from all over the world and even though the amount of money being given away as a prize does seem to be huge but it is nothing in comparison to the amount of revenue that is being generated for the gaming industry. To name a few examples, games like, Call of Duty, Dota 2, and World of Warcraft have been among the highest revenue generating games in recent years. There are tournaments held for these games every year with huge amounts of money being thrown around all over, the amount of traffic that is incoming is only increasing every year with no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and that is the intriguing concept of online gaming.


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