Building Your Own Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team is an addictive and fun game that allows you to build your own team and compete against others all over the world. You use a currency known as FIFA coins to purchase new players in hopes of creating the ultimate team. There are many ways to accumulate FIFA coins in the game. Here are a few ways you can save up to purchase your favorite players.

Where To Begin

When you first start the game, you will find many ways to make FIFA coins. One way is to spend real money to purchase FIFA 18 coins. This is by far the easiest way to accumulate coins although it can become rather expensive very quickly.

Complete Manager Tasks

One of the first things you should do is complete the Manager Tasks. These will not only teach you about different aspects of the game but will reward you with coins and card packs. Complete the Manager Tasks before you begin doing anything else to raise your coin level.

Bronze Team

Next, you should begin participating in tournaments and playing through the season with a team full of bronze players. Winning these easier matches will reward you with coins and cards that will help you advance your team. Save up as much money as you can. When you feel that you have completed as much as you can using all bronze players, sell all of your players and purchase all silver players.

Specialty Tournaments

There are many special tournaments that require you to meet certain conditions. Do your best to meet these requirements because these often will give you a much higher reward when you complete them. Keep an eye out for these tournaments and what the prerequisites are to participate.

Coin Bonuses

Early in the game you should purchase Coin Bonuses with your XP points from the EA Football Club. You can access this by pressing the right stick in. After you purchase these Coin Bonuses they will disappear but they are most useful early in the game. They will add a certain amount of coins to your winnings for a certain number of matches.

Silver Team

Once you have purchased an all silver team, you can begin participating in the tournaments that require an all silver team. Take note that you will earn more money from matches against the computer than you will from matches against human competitors. You will need to save up a great deal of coins at this point before you can once again sell all of your players and upgrade to an all gold team.

Gold Team

Now, you can repeat this cycle again, completing the tournaments that require an all gold team. These events will be a little more difficult but you can counteract this by building a team with good chemistry. Chemistry is based on having team members from the same league, that played for the same team, or that have the same nationality. Chemistry will improve individual stats as well as team stats.

By following this guide you should be able to build a great team that will be hard to beat. Save your coins and work your way through the ranks until you have created your own ultimate team.


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